Sherry Johnstone

Sherry Johnstone is an Aboriginal artist residing in the Maar Nation (aka Gunditjmara) in South-west Victoria. As a proud Keerray Woorroong, Yorta Yorta woman, Sherry creates artworks representing her identity and experiences, embracing her aboriginality. She reflects on the good and the bad, finding ways to connect to her ancestors spiritually.

Sherry primarily works with acrylic paints, and her artworks are woven with rich colours and symbols for culture and place. Her deep connection with spirit and soul allows her to connect her inner child to her artwork and encourages the viewer’s curiosity to look, touch and awaken their soul.

Sherry’s work is about the visual journey, often focusing on the environment, land, animals and people, drawing on old wisdom and visually translating it for the new world.

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