Custom printing information


  • Australian Certified Organic
  • Locally Printed
  • Eco Digital
  • Small MOQs
  • Your Art or our In-house Design Team
  • White or Beige
  • High Quality
  • Fast Turnaround
  • 100,000 Colours
  • Tea Towels, Aprons, Tote Bags, Purses & Cushion Covers

Australian certified organic textile custom print specifications


The Linen Press can place your artwork (logos included) in full colour on a range of items including aprons, tea towels, tote bags, purses and cushion covers and meet the Australian Certified Organic Standard.

We also offer a custom service for clients who wish to use our images and personalise them with their own town or destination name. For example, our ‘Meg Wells’ collection, featuring beautiful illustrations of Australian animals and birds.

We can also offer a sample print if desired for a minimal fee of $25.00. This is an optional step, however you may wish to sample your design so you can check size and colour. Each fabric has its own characteristics; we have a choice of white or beige to choose from. From there, if needed, images can be adjusted to achieve the best print results. You can make the adjustments yourself or our in-house design team can do this for you.


To order final prints either email, phone or fax your order and send us your artwork (requirements below). You will receive a confirmation artwork proof for final approval and depending on your account status, a proforma invoice to begin printing.


Artwork to be supplied by the client in print-ready format. Artwork accepted file types: PNG and JPEG.

Please note:

  • PDF files are not accepted.

File size: 200 – 300 dpi (pixels/inch)

  • The minimum we can print is 200 dpi – any less in resolution will provide a lower quality print. You can supply larger files if you wish.
  • Artwork should fit in a 350mm wide x 400mm high rectangle to maximise printed area. Artwork outside this rectangle will not be printed.

Colour mode: RGB colour space is required.

Any areas that are 100% white will be printed as transparent. Please note that off-whites and light tints of colour will be visible on the product. If your artwork sits on a tinted background (even if it’s a light grey or off-white) it will show up in printing. If you don’t want a rectangle to show, please make sure your background is completely white or that your illustration is cut out and has a transparent background (save it as a PNG file).

Text: All fonts must be outlined, converted to paths or rasterised.

Please note that all computer monitors are calibrated differently, colour will vary from screen to screen.

Sending files

For large files we use the online file transfer service Dropbox or you can use a file sharing site such as Send Space.

CD or USB (please ensure they are PC formatted) you can post to us:

The Linen Press

Unit 19, 24 Bormar Drive


VIC 3810

You may also drop it into our Melbourne studio by appointment.


The client confirms that the subject matter to be reprinted is not copyrighted by a third party. The client also confirms that because subject matter does not have to bear a copyright notice in order to be protected by copyright law, absence of such notice does not necessarily assure a right to reproduce.

The client also confirms that no copyright notice has been removed from any material used in preparing the subject matter for reproduction.

Customers also confirm that the work does not contain anything that is libelous or scandalous, or anything that threatens anyone’s right to privacy or their personal or economic rights.

The Linen Press reserves the right to use its discretion in refusing to print anything that it deems illegal, libelous, scandalous, improper or infringing upon copyright law.

To support this, the client agrees to indemnify and hold The Linen Press harmless for all liability, damages and legal fees that may be incurred in case of any legal action connected with copyright infringement involving the work produced or provided.


Our normal turnaround is 7 to 10 business days (providing all artwork and items are in stock).

We have the ability to do quick turnaround runs for a minimal fee.


All prices listed exclude GST and do not include delivery. Payment options can be discussed with our accounts staff.


Australian Certified Organic Cotton: a cold machine wash and line dry is recommended to reduce fading.